GwdihwLadies and Gentlemen, Boneddigion a boneddigesau,

All good things have a sequel.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
McCartney – McCartney 2
World War 1 – World War 2 (this is entirely the view of Gwdihw’s press release and is not necessarily shared by The Joy Collective.  Both World Wars I & II were bad and rubbish.  Unless you make those poppy things.)

And the Gwdihw Microfestival is no exception.
Following on from the success of the last Microfestival we thought we’d do another one only this time try and make it more gooder.

So, we’re doing exactly the same as before only with more bunting, lights, vibes, veggie burgers, volume, chairs, and general druidic hullabaloo.

The fun will be swithed on at 1pm on Sunday the 30th of August, it’s a bank holiday so don’t panic.

Thence will commence the music, Krissie Jenkins aka…wait for it….DJ KRISS!!! will be spinning laid back crotchet bombs in the form of jizzed out jazz, saxophone solo’s, rugged testicular rock, calypso crunk, and general grade a meat music in between performances from the following music makers…

Bec and Beth – “Accompanied by minimal, bordering on skeletal, instrumentation, a shaker or plucked bass viola and a third young lady (that no amount of dogged detective work has managed to identify), they glide from Julee Cruise’s Lynchian narcotic drift to the husky chanson of French Song”

Fredrick Stanley Star – The vibes man, it’s all about the vibes…Beautiful songs sung, shouted and thrown at you along with musical confetti in the shape of a peace sign and jam. Just don’t call them hippies.

Alun Tan Lan – Callous footed songsmith with fast fingers and the ear of a musical fox. Simply beautiful.

Euros Childs – It’s Euros Childs…with a guitar, playing a special afternoon set of his beguiling pop symphonies that make you happy to be alive.

Zwolf – One man and his electronic music box. People say his heart is made of wolf, others say it’s plastic. Whatever his tickers composed of his backwards bass playing will make your testicals undulate and your tits bleed.

Islet – Neo no wave post punk punks. Instruments are swapped, voices soar, drums bang bang and guitars melt. It’s like going to the future. We love this band.

Y Niwl – Surf’s Up! They practice on the Crib Goch in Snowdonia, sometimes playing the same song for weeks on end. The drummer’s a mutant metronome, the bass player walks like a panther and the guitars bend and twist there way into your face until your dancing like a teenage weirdo. Perfect.

As if that wasn’t enough the DIG! DJ’s will be driving you to 1am in a red hearse filled with
Turkish disco, Morricone muzac, Hungarian glam, Yiddish Ye Ye and Scottish Soul.

And just incase you thought your eyes were getting off lightly, Canton’s favourite curtain twitching honey pie Mr Casey Raymond will be abusing your mind with visual titbits all day long.

Quite the cluster fuck eh?

Thirsts will be quenched at the Artisan brewery bar and hungers quelled at the feet of an enormous dead roasted pig. If your not into all that meat voodoo don’t worry the ambassador will be spoiling you with a pyramid of guilt free Glamorgan sausages. Yum bloody yum.

See you there then, £6, 30th of August, 1pm.

Don’t be late.

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