Attention!  This happens on Saturday and is for an excellent cause (Fairbridge work with some of the most economically and socially deprived and disengaged 13-25 year olds across the UK – read more).  It also features four fine Cardiff bands, none of whom have exactly been hard to find in Joy’s listings during 2010 but all of whom end the year in the best shape they’ve been.  Musically diverse – orchestral pop, hushed folk, epic prog-tinged post-rock, tumultuous folk-rock – rich in personality and high in quality, this is a mere fiver and represents money very well spent. 

You know what’s great? Live music. You know what’s also great? Doing your bit for charity. Now you can kill two birds with one stone by heading along to the Globe on December 4 for an evening that will be both aurally pleasing and karmically rewarding.

We’ve lined up four (count ’em) acts each well worth the price of admission on their own. Roll call:


Sea shanties, murder ballads and perhaps some Christmas songs, all delivered in hi-definition three part harmony.


Elasticated riffage from Cardiff’s premier fret-mangling three-piece. Caution: may contain short shorts.


Chamber-pop loveliness from Wales’ most versatile songsmith. Like a cheerier Sufjan Stevens, or Brian Wilson without the colossal mental breakdown.


Taking rock, pop, folk and just about everything else, smashing it together and seeing what interesting shapes they come up with. Played Glasto, Green Man, Swn and others too numerous to count. Their debut album Upbeat Love was released by Domino/Double Six and they once had to cancel a gig due to a clash with a gypsy wedding.

In addition to the live music there will be top tunes from some of the best local DJs, plus other fun and games.

Tickets are a measly £5 in advance or £6 on the door and will shortly be available from as well as a number of other outlets.

Now the charity part. All money raised will be going directly to Fairbridge Cymru ( a brilliant organisation that does great work with disadvantaged young people across the country. It’s a wonderful cause so we’re really hoping to pack The Globe out and generate the biggest pot of cash possible. Even if you don’t like music, just pay your money and stand at the back with your fingers in your ears. You will receive your reward in heaven.

Please pass this invitation along to anyone who might be interested and stay tuned for updates and news.

Most importantly, be at The Globe on Saturday December 4. That is an order.

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