Eleven years old and toting a manifesto as vivid and defiant as any young pup, Chapter’s Experimentica festival hosts an exhausting four days of performance, discourse and installations starting today.  Dive into the full programme for more information; tickets are per day or for the whole event, details below. 

For a musical contribution, the choice of ThingsMakeElectric (punctuation model’s own) seems a natural one, even before the nature of their performance is considered.  Amongst their multifarious other works, virtuoso jazz pianist, composer and improviser Paul Jones and Tina Hitchens also link up in Dots.filmband, whose soundtracks for contemporary short films will be showcased at Chapter during Swn later this month.  Percussionist Matthew Lovett, meanwhile, will play as part of the excellent improv trio Team Sports.  TME ordinarily represents poppier territory for them, drawing on Chicago post-rock, metronomic kraut-pop and kaleidoscopic, retro-futurist electronica.  This show cuts loose of any modest moorings  the band usually has, promising improvisations in music, light and film.  A proper happening.  Starts late (11pm), so whatever else you do this Friday, make room for this.


Chapter Arts Centre | Friday 14th Oct | 11pm

This live performance comprises improvised music and visuals; the idea being that each influences the other in order to develop and learn a common language of improvisation and thereby generate a new set of responses for the audience.

Drawing inspiration from Jacques Attali who said that ‘the only worthwhile researchers are undisciplined ones’ and from interdisciplinary work by the likes of Black Mountain experimentalists Cage and Cunningham, TME is a multisensory experience, where sound, images and light create sensations that are greater than the sum of their parts.

TME are Matthew Lovett, Ben Owen, Tina Hitchens and Paul Jones.

Experimentica 1.1

This festival is for challenging, provocative and imaginative artworks.  The 11th annual edition of Experimentica focuses on pedagogy, art and performance; hopefully with energy, care and intelligence.

An Experimentica day pass costs £6 / £5 (book here); or for £22 / £18 / £14 you can gain entry to any event over the five days (book here).

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