Another underground-trawling night at Chapter, another three bands with USPs to check. For sure the two acts higher on the bill are worthy in their own right – Eyebrow’s fine, darkly jazzed swoon formed a great backing to Gerald Tyler’s Waits-ian crooning a couple of months ago; Zwolf’s addictive and crunchy mix of live bass and electro jinking made ace waves supporting Moon Duo recently – but it’s the first gig for Everything Special Kid that gets my spidey sense tingling. The long term project of Kaskie from rupturingly-loud noise locals The Death Of Her Money, ESK finds gently twisted microbeats burbling from bedroom computers, now joined by Jon Ruddick of excellent and varied expermentalists Fallen Painting, S>A>A>B and Past Collective. A dual laptop feast of soundscapes awaits you (and beer).

Sun 8 Aug
Sul 8 Awst


Hailing from Bristol, this two piece (Trumpet + Drums) bring subtle ambient and minimalist jazz processed via plenty of effects to create beautiful sounds to sweep you away.

Everything is presents Eyebrow, Zwolf + Everything Special Kid


Laptop electro with live bass and voice / vododer to feed the spaceage melodies within you.

Everything Special Kid

First performance from electronic project featuring Kaskie from local psych doom band The Death of Her Money and Jon Ruddick of Fallen Painting, S>A>A>B and Past Collective. Improv ambience to accompany a film.

£5 (on the door)

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