(EDIT – Cardiff gig is postponed. Keep an eye out for a later date)

Grr. GRR. Loud, dense, tricksy noisy noise. By men. Assumed. Going to take a wild punt on these gigs and hope they satisfy that clever/caveman part of the brain: Everyone To The Anderson play both, and if the excitable witterings of people saying they mix up a hearty broth of post rock jinking and beatdown riffage is halfway there I will be a happy rabbit. The day after, at the Mothers Ruin, looks equally nutricious: joining ETTA will be fleet of bees attack rock courtesy of Glaswegian guitar/drums/tinnitus duo Bronto Skylift, and utterly brilliant, pointilist art pop, not-going-to-stop-going-on-about-them Brizzle band The Jelas. Talk about cats with Colin. If you like. But go to these gigs.

& supports

Saturday 11th June
7pm-10pm *early show*

£3 entry

Q AND NOT U meets FUGAZI meets SHELLAC – awesome riffs, mathy rhythms, inventive, catchy and undeniably amazing!

Everyone To The Anderson MySpace


Hello beautiful people of Bristol. Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house on a sunday, this gig rises up like a whale beneith your boat.

headlining will be glasgows finest noise merchants:



“It’s not often a two-piece like Bronto Skylift, for all their visceral intensity, are afforded the good will they need to progress. However, half an hour spent in the company of this savage drum ‘n’ guitar combo reveals an undeniable, primal appeal. Certainly, Eagle/Falcon is a satisfying appetiser; the jarring riffs and powerhouse drumming by turns tastefully recollecting Helmet and The Bronx. But live – where flailing arms and precise jazz-fills leave jaws on the floor – you will find this band on fire.” [Johnny Langlands]
-The Skinny 25/02/09

“Bronto Skylift’s impromptu gig in the campsite proved that this duo have enough energy in their set to power a small town.”
– The News of the World

“Just two chaps making an awful lot of noise…”
– BBC INTRODUCING with Annie McGuire


Main Support will be from Brightons most beautiful:



Honing their sound through 2 EPs released through a Huw Stephens’ Label of the Week Toy Soldier Records, The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse is the full length debut from Brighton’s EVERYONE TO THE ANDERSON. Recorded over several months in a disused industrial unit on the outskirts of Brighton amidst ‘varying moods and weather conditions’, The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse journeys from stabbing rhythms to sea shanties to textured soundscapes over the course of 11 songs and 26 minutes.
Having shared stages with the likes of Biffy Clyro, Micachu & The Shapes and Rolo Tomassi as well as Brighton contemporaries Esben & the Witch, Blood Red Shoes and Ghost of a Thousand, ETTA could well be the next band to break out of the city’s thriving musical scene.
If You Like: Battles, Foals, Les Savy Fav, Health


And opening the destruction will be Bristols sexual lizards


If you haven’t seen them before then you must be dead. The Jelas have more starts and stops then a train from london to edinburgh but their half hour journey feels liked you’re locked in the toilet with Cameron Diaz. ;0)

A £2 donation would be appreicated. Touring bands have to eat you know.



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