Shitty LimitsA Sunday evening of punk rock brought to you by Diverse Music as part of The Joy Collective curated Meze Festival.  Unfortunately, due to a fractured wrist, The Arteries have had to pull out so The Shitty Limits will be headlining.

The Shitty Limits are one of the most exciting bands to emerge from these shores in a long, long time. The band have a sound that mixes 60’s garage, 70’s punk and 80’s hardcore. Sounding like a speeded up Wire fronted by a less glass punctured Iggy Pop. Their frenetic songs that are backed up with explosive live shows that have gained a formidable reputation in the DIY scene.

Their debut album ‘Beware The Limits’ hit the shelves in July, following a flurry of 7″ singles that are sold out but available to download for free on the band’s myspace site. They were previously picked by Fucked Up to appear on the third installation of the American punk rockers’ mixtape compilation CD series.

The Sick Livers play gutter level punk rock and roll with the greasiest of garage ease and sleaze. Any show could be their last; they would die on stage for yours and their pleasure.
Ginge, VJ, Dai and Matty rose from the ashes of the much missed Viva Kinevils to carry forward the punk ‘n’ roll flame, bowling shirts and all. If you want punk rock, swearing, wild entertainment and big shoes, look no further than South Wales favourite rabble rousers.
Doors are at 8pm, it’s open until 2am with DJs after the bands.

Solutions are a three piece from Cardiff brought together by a mutual love SST and Rough Trade Records, No Idea, Husker Du, TV On The Radio, Milloy, Future Of The Left, Desparacidos, Idlewild, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Read Yellow and XTC. They don’t sound like any of them. Their energetic, angular punk rock has more in common with Latterman or Fugazi.

The band recently had their support slot at Future Of The Left’s album launch recorded for BBC Radio One.

At the begining of 2008 four friends, two guitars, a bass and drums came together to form Saturday’s Kids and play music. Influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth, Black Flag, Fugazi, Decendents, Joy Division and Pissed Jeans, they’re in their late teens but making music that a lifetime of angst seems to have informed.

Normally a band this age will be writing pop songs about girls that fucked off with a guy because he owned a Mark 3 Ford Escort, not Saturday’s Kids, they’re less Blink 182 japery, more Dead Kennedys sneering. Staccato vocals and sinister bass recall …Trail Of Dead, for every 1 minute blast of punk noise and shouting, there’s some subtle guitar work and a dirty melody. Usually followed by punk noise and shouting.

£4 advance and a fiver on the door.

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