The poster for this gig was going to feature a member of the Diverse staff (and sometime Joy writer) naked but for tinsel. Limited edition prints will be available on the night instead. Ask for Vern.

Anyway, it’s the Diverse Records Christmas party! The Newport shop and associated label keeps on trucking, stuffing releases, charity calendars and GLC sex parties into its schedule and intimate spaces. As well as paralytically DJing the handsome staff have assembled a genuinely excellent, don’t-even-have-to-lie bill of local bands too: headliners Strange News From Another Star see off a stellar year of deranged garage rock and terrifying audience interaction before Jimmy joins Future Of The Left for a mini-tour of receptive foreign countries. Their debut EP ‘Full Frontal’ came out earlier this year and you should know every lyric by now. Science Bastard, ‘fresh’ from the studio, will bring their fractured guitar blasts, double drumming, collapsing keyboard stands and crowd molestation, while Sick Livers spell out P-A-R-T-Y with greasy sex offender rock, grinning aviator shades and entertaining public interfering. Okay, so all these bands have a thing for touching up the crowd, but that just evokes the spirit of Christmas, right? And a happy new year to you.

Another year has almost passed since Diverse Music rocked up to take over Le Pub for their annual festive Jolly and this year promises to be the best yet.

Playing Live on the night…

The Sick Livers

Science Bastard


Strange News from another Star

+ more TBC? Maybe?

Supplying the music will be the Diverse DJs with a mash up of Classic Crackers and festive turkeys to keep you on your toes all night long.

As well as all this we also have special guest DJ, Mr.Ween-Wolf spicing the tunes up with a helping of festive tunage via his record collection.

As an added Christmas gift there will also be prizes and presents up for grabs.

More stuff and things to be added closer to date.

We really hope you can all make it along as this is one how that is surely not to be missed.

Merry Christmas, Ho, Ho, Ho and all that tinsel shit.

Joy to the world.

£3 Tickets / £4 on the Door (Cheap, Cheap)
Tickets available from Diverse Music at…

NP20 1JU

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