Tired of your ears? The unhealthy bastards at Lesson No.1 have produced this doozy of loudness for YOU. Underneath this lovely picture you will find hot info about the no doubt delightful Diet Pills and Smiler, but the event that is tingling my nerd sensors is the debut Brandyman gig – the new band formed by Ben, now ex of fantastic instrumental squigglers Truckers Of Husk, and Matt, departee from superb icy funsters Joy Of Sex. This makes me very happy. And aroused. Get a scorched cochlea here:


First ever Wales show (part of a UK tour) for this Leicester-based band who have one 7” single out (on the FORCE FED label) and a split with DEAD IN THE WOODS. They are one of the best ‘new’ bands in the UK if you want to know what we think. They are slow and sludgy and piercing and antisocial and will appeal to fans of THE JESUS LIZARD, early 90s NEUROSIS, RACEBANNON, BORN AGAINST and some other bands who you’re doing it wrong if you don’t like. http://www.myspace.com/dietpillsband


These local boys have been around for a bit as Smiler and even longer if you count their previous membership of bands like GEORGE ANNIHILATION, THE CULL and MAKESHIFT TRUTH. This is the first time we’ve put them on. They are influenced by, and a combination of, UK sludge, US powerviolence and punk-rooted grindcore. http://www.myspace.com/smileruk

Debut show for Cardiff-based band who started to come together in the summer, after two of the members left their respective bands – TRUCKERS OF HUSK and JOY OF SEX. While the BRANDYMAN trio remains enigmatic, it looks set to combine twisty instrumental rock complexity (people who say ‘math-rock’ leave the hall) with heavy noiserock riff power and sensible shoes. Myspace page? I THINK NOT! (for now)

ALL HAPPENING AT: Buffalo, Windsor Place, Cardiff
8pm, £4 on the door

http://lessonnumberone.blogspot.com or find Lesson No.1 on Facebook

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