No apologies for turning this one on its head.  Three fine turns here, but hats off to Cardiff’s favourite bar-room philosophers GINDRINKER who with this gig reach the milestone of their 100th ‘live action’.  A standing ovation from the pavilion is surely only right and proper.  Plus, it’s only taken them five-and-a-quarter years to do it, which is both quicker and more entertaining than Geoff Boycott.  There’s a split single with tonight’s other local heroes Joy Of Sex in the offing, and they’ve not played much lately so they’re liable to go off at a cracking pace.  Get there early.

DAVID CRONENBERG’S WIFE, for the uninitiated, mine the same bleak, sardonic lyrical seams as Gindrinker’s DC Gates.  Loosely affiliated with the UK Antifolk mob, but don’t be put off;  Tom Mayne’s songs are witty, provocative and occasionally even affecting.  Two fine albums and a clutch of singles are available, so bring funds.  Think The Fall, Clinic, Country Teasers.  That sort of thing.

the wife

EXTRADITION ORDER are indie art-punk from Warrington.  “Some of their songs are like the Fall on laxatives and some are like the Monks overdosing on Red Bull”, apparently.  Well!

JOY OF SEX have cooled their jets somewhat since their initial burst of gigging activity a year or so ago, one Joy Collective-sponsored shindig aside; this will be a neat reintroduction to their charms.  Nagging, insistant minimal post-punk nuggets with a spiky charm and a raised eyebrow.


‘bitterly humorous lyrics.. a mix of The Fall’s 80s rockabilly inspired ‘Grotesque’ and the Velvet Underground’ [NME on “Hypnagogues”]


‘it basically sounds like the Sonics… Sharp riffs, wibbling organ and a vocal best described as demonic; this actually sounds like it’s got the dust and scratches of 30 years in a bar-room jukebox ingrained into it’ [Manchester Music]


“a wired, boggle-eyed take on the fuzzily taut Pixies/Wire dynamic with criss-crossing vocals, wrecked song structures and seeming stream of conscious while still meaningful lyrics” [Sweeping The Nation]


“Gindrinker created their own violent micro-climate, blazing through their set with customary belligerent zeal… a pair intoxicated with paranoia and convinced that the world won’t listen, but shouting-out anyway from lowly stages in the homes of the vain” [Huw Menear, UWIC paper]

Buffalo Bar, Windsor Place, Cardiff

Monday 5th April
£5 entry

David Cronenberg’s Wife Myspace

Joy Of Sex Myspace

Gindrinker Myspace

Extradition Order Myspace

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