JAZZ WARNING. A warning of honest quality, feel the nice rub of the baize-type jazz that is. Smoky parlours. Underrated, long-standing musicians. Wearing black. You know what to do.


Dave Stapleton

Thu 3 Nov
Iau 3 Tach

Dave Stapleton’s latest album ‘Catching Sunlight’ is filled with gorgeous melodies, drenched in lush harmonies and driven by subtle, shifting, exotic rhythms. Commissioned by the Lunar Saxophone Quartet, who join Stapleton for this special concert, it has been described as ‘simply brilliant, both in execution and conception’, with a sound half-way between Gil Evans / Miles Davis and Arve Henriksen.

The band features Neil Yates, one of the purest trumpet players in British jazz, alongside Stapleton’s regular rhythm section of Paula Gardiner and Elliot Bennett.



“so well conceived that it’s sometimes difficult to separate the written from the improvised” — Irish Times

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Dave Stapleton

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