Much wailing and gnashing of teeth to be found at this killer triple-bill from the good people at Sŵn and Flux=Rad.  Guitar-drum-screaming duo COMANECHI were here last in blizzard-hit January, stripping the walls at the Arts Institute with grungy dynamics, 80s Sonic Youth squall (tellingly, they and co-headliners Divorce team up to cover Death Valley ’69 on a split EP this month) and Akiko’s absurdly kinetic drumming and confrontational patter.  They were even better in support of Ponytail a while back, and while this gig will have to go some to top one of the best things I’ve seen in years, you’d be foolish to pass it up.  Expect a bunch of thrashy, profane and weirdly catchy two-minute explosions from half-hour debut Crime of Love, schizophrenic and smutty noise-pop and Cousin It slinging a guitar about with abandon.  Top.

Freewheeling co-headliners DIVORCE come armed with a splendidly ridiculous pseudo-genre name (‘Nae Wave’), lunging stop-start rhythms, controlled shards of feedback and the thick Glaswegian roar of Sinead Youth’s vocals.  Their debut EP took in battering post-hardcore, the restless no-wave energy of Pere Ubu and the scuzzy low-end punk of Silverfish.  They share a delicious prude-baiting lyricism with the latter, too; witness ‘Early Christianity’ with its televangelist’s beckoning “We accept all of your faults! We love a challenge!”.  There’s a dead-on choice of opener in Cardiff newbies DRAINS, a busman’s holiday of sorts from (as far as can be told) Kutosis and Circa Regna Tonat members shirtless and clad in hangman’s hoods and tearing through three-minute bellows of sludgy noise-punk.  Seriously, don’t miss out.

COMANECHI / DIVORCE / DRAINS – Tuesday 28th September

Swn & Flux=Rad present:

COMANECHI / DIVORCE **co-headline**
Flux=Rad DJs

Tuesday 28th September
£5 adv from / £6 doors

After they tearing ears to shreds in January, Swn & Flux=Rad are delighted to welcome Simon and Akiko (Pre/The Big Pink) aka COMANECHI back to Cardiff.

Their debut album Crime of Love received both critical acclaim and all round applause, while their live shows have been known to end in blood, sweat and screaming.

Glasgow’s finest DIY garage punks DIVORCE will rip your heart out, chew it up and spit it back out in a gnarled mess of bass-driven riffs, jagged drums, and throaty screeching.

They’ve got a forthcoming split 7″ with Comanechi on the ever brilliant Merok label (Klaxons, Titus Andronicus, Blondes).

DRAINS are a new Cardiff three piece who played their first gig in Flux=Rad’s kitchen recently and instantly got offered this slot.

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