Chapter! It’s not all Czechoslovakian coming of age films and performers conveying oppression through the medium of dance. They can shake a leg too, and hidden amongst the partying down to celebrate 40 years since a bunch of hippies converted a school into an actually pretty great arts centre is some bona fide, totally one off musical happenings. Six Glass Fingersare past hairy masters at taking over upstairs spaces for rock/folk/bluegrass/whatever they bloody want; this time head honcho Ollie has been filming musician droogs making weird all over the building, and the resultant Bandscape film will seriously be worth your eye time. As Zwolf, Tom Raybould is adept at excellently chunky beat warping; for the Fair Dawn Beyond The Doors Of Death project he will be mangling sound over specially prepared film from underground heads Nic Finch and Casey Raymond. It starts at 11pm, is an 18 certificate, and will possibly have some boobytrapped seats and subsonic frequencies. Scared, frankly. Last off, a rare showing for Rocketgoldstar and their freeform prog strangeness. Previous gigs have seen 24 hour songs and headphone-only sets. This one could be anything, but it’s in the bar area, which means you can avail yourself of recommended Joy tipples Kaltenburg and Stowford Press. Hic. Happy birthday.
Six Glass Fingers: Bandscape

Six Glass Fingers: Bandscape

Thu 14 April
Iau 14 Ebrill

To coincide with our 40th birthday celebrations, Chapter employee and mastermind of Six Glass Fingers, Oliver Mitchell is directing a short film showcasing local musicians playing around the building — a diverse mix of genres in a variety of locations, from old school classrooms to newly renovated function rooms.

From folk to improvised soundscape, the musicians will take inspiration from the surroundings, lending a unique soundtrack to their environment.

The film will be shown on a temporary cinema screen in the box office.


Fair Dawn Beyond The Doors Of Death (18)

Fair Dawn Beyond the Doors of Death

Fri 15 April
Gwe 15 Ebrill

Under the guise of his laptop-wielding alter ego Zwolf, Cardiff-based composer Tom Raybould (Arc Vertiac) performs a live electronic soundtrack to a smorgasbord of cinematic visuals and real time improvised film manipulation (provided by Nic Finch and Casey Raymond). This event takes place in Cinema 1 — be careful which seat you choose as it could lead to unwelcome audience participation.

This multimedia event will contain strobe effects, unsuitable images and irregular subsonic frequencies not suitable for pace-makers.


Rocketgoldstar + Imperial Pigs

Rocketgoldstar + Imperial Pigs

Sat 16 April
Sad 16 Ebrill

Live music in our Caffi Bar to bring the evening’s activities to an almighty climax. Rocketgoldstarare Cardiff’s very best prog space rock outfit; and they don’t get out much these days; which means they’ll definitely be making up for lost time.


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