The Cardiff leg of this tour marks the final Rusty Trombone-promoted gig of 2011. So happy that people are putting on gigs that warp the brain with harsh noise and beauty. Show your face at either of these gigs and get your ears syringed by drone, feedback, beats, concentrated looks, furrowed brows and dopey grins. Don’t tip the door staff though; they’ll only spend it on imported vinyl.


The Rusty Trombone of God Presents…


David Birchall / Andrew Cheetham Duo. David on prepared guitar with Andrew on drums. Both met when playing in Rhys Chatham’s G3 Ensemble in March 2011. Free improvisation, drone and noise from Manchester, UK. Full-pelt skronk.


Cam Deas (perhaps better known for his 12-string solo acoustic guitar) teams up with Adam Denton leaving the quiet and beautiful world of his solo project behind for a twin-electric feedback assault. Drawing from influences as far-reaching as La Monte Young, Basic Channel and Pan Sonic. Expect throbbing feedback and hypnotic drones as well as onslaughts of over-arching beats. Deas & Denton have releases on the Blackest Rainbow and Present Time Exercises (PTE) labels.


Sounding is the new solo project from Ben Moon one half of Forest Creature (Blackest Rainbow). I would expect some modest pulsing lights – perhaps not lasers but they won’t be disco lights either. It’s almost too easy to compare influences to Yellow Swans, Black Dice and Fuck Buttons but I am going to do it anyway.


R.Seiliog was born in the basement of a watchmakers shop in Peniel, North Wales in 1985. This early exposure to the syncopated rhythms of countless different timepieces was to have a lasting effect on the way he hears the world and indeed, composes. His music has the repetitive, hypnotic, and melodic qualities of his kosmiche forefathers Klaus Schulzes, CAN and Harmonium, but is harmonically more akin to Cluster or Terry Riley.

Monday 28th November
The Gower, 29 Gwennyth Street, Cardiff
8pm £3adv / £5 door

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  • Doors: 8:00 PM
  • Price: £4 Adv
  • Entry: 16+
  • Room: Main Room 
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The Croft presents:
Deas & Denton
+ Birchall / Cheetham Duo + Sounding
Wednesday 30 November @ The Croft, Bristol
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