Though the Lovely Eggs are a fine (and narky graphic designer-irritating) mixture of clockwork tweeness, obscure references and old-enough-to-know-better giddiness the main reason I’m anticipating this like eBayed catnip is the set by Hotpants Romance. You don’t have to be Everett True to freak over girl groups playing primitive garage punk in thrall to the Shaggs, Huggy Bear and Vivian Girls; you just have to have a vaguely beating heart. They will kick it, in the face. Turn up early for the crisply ace Joy Of Sex too; a half pint offered to anyone who heckles for their cover of ‘Genius Of Love’.

Bethan Elfyn presents a Cherryade Records night:


+ Joy Collective DJs

Thursday 15th July
£5 entry / £4 NUS

THE LOVELY EGGS are David and Holly. One likes books and historical things, the other likes cine light shows and fixing things that are broken.

Their music is mainly influenced by the ecstasy of the modern mind and all its trappings, The Velvet Underground, Daniel Johnston, Sonic Youth, Jonathan Richman, The Make-Up, Moldy Peaches and Bikini Kill.

are three girls in hotpants playing three chord songs for fans of The Ramones, The Headcoatees, The Slits and Huggy Bear.

“Hotpants Romance are easily my perfect band this year or any other” – Everett True.

The Lovely Eggs MySpace
Hotpants Romance MySpace

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