The town’s silver lining has emerged: digital math-rockers Gallops, who have inherited more than horsey wordplay from their successful precursors. While they’ve harnessed the jerky propulsion of Foals, the riffs-as-rhythm of Pivot and the synthy tomfoolery so beloved of Battles, it’s all built on a bedrock of post-rock and they’re not afraid to unleash guitars as heavy as, say, Russian Circles. – NME.COM

“Gallops; an instrumental four piece from Wrexham sounding like the four horses of the apocalypse, listening to God Speed you Black Emperor! Exclamation mark and all. ” – LOUD AND QUIET

“If Wrexham seemed like the last place to find complex math-rock leanings, then that’s because it is, making a group like Gallops all the more special and exciting. Marrying drums, guitars, sequencers, keyboards and general ‘noise’ this four piece play the sort of techno-glitchy rock synonymous with Pivot. This builds on songs like ‘Crutches’ on a dynamism akin to Foals, multiplying note patterns into an explosion of intense guitar work becoming almost a twisted club banger. Disparate layers of obsessive lilting melodies intelligently fused-Wrexham your time is now.” – SWN FESTIVAL 08


After an amazing set at Greenman this year were please announce Gallops have invited Meilir to come along and play a very special gig.
If you haven’t had the chance to hear the EP already we suggest heading to spillers right now and picking it up:

xLink to Bydd Wych Ep by Meilir, from

Here’s a review if you needed more convincing! 🙂


Previously Room 13’s Band of the Week & Local Heroes, Front man Jimmy Watkins explains:
“Basically, I went for a run in February 2008. An hour, nice and fast on a Sunday, when I saw this kid I recognised from the running track. I ran faster to catch up and we started chatting (It can get lonely running for an hour in the mud and rain in Wales when your iPod has no power.) Anyway, we start chatting about running, and then somehow start talking about Music. He’s a drummer and I’m a guitarist. We decided to sort out a jam. We wrote about ten songs, jammed a lot and started gigging as a two-piece called Strange News From Another Star. This is the name of a short story by one of my favourite authors Hermann Hesse. As a two piece, we start building a bit of a following in Cardiff. Then in January 2009 we start jamming with Mark Foley who owns Music Box Studios where we practice. He then joined the band and we grew muscles as a three piece. In March we recorded an EP called Double Denim: Full Frontal, after someone in work took the piss about my denim shirt and jeans combo! The EP features backing vocals by John Chapple from Mclusky an Louise from the Victorian English Gentlemens Club and was recorded by the genius that is Charlie Francis. We’re probably gonna release this ourselves. We’ve since supported Future Of The Left, The Joy Formidable, Kong, Victorian English Gentlemens Club and a skiffle band of hard drinking 70 year olds in the roughest pub in Cardiff.

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love beth & buffalo


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