CRT-antsBethan Elfyn has loads of friends it appears, and in other news, museums are really ace places to visit. Obviously we all know this.  Now to combine the two.

Growing out of an idea by Cardiff Museum (and Spillers’) Grace Todd, Respond will see artists working with curators from our seven museums to produce a musical response to the nation’s collections.  Or in plain speak, some of the best musicians in Wales have written tracks to promote Welsh heritage through the medium of music.  Some of Wales’ emerging musical talent are submitting original tracks inspired by various exhibitions, displays and objects.  All the tracks are available digitally from here.

To celebrate this project three of the artists involved will be playing at Beth’s night in Buffalo this Thursday. Circa Regna Tonat, Quintamity and Silence at Sea will be showcasing their museum inspired tracks along with the rest of their lovely tunes.

Circa Regna Tonat
“Circa Regna Tonat have a name that would set the darkest of metallers aglow with envy, the Caerphilly quartet are cut from an altogether more colourful cloth. That’s not to say they’re not loud- they’re very, very loud- but their experimental noise rock has as much light as shade, instrumentals marked as much by the subtle build up of tension as the pummelling, drum-dominated roar of their full stride. CRT are best sampled in the more visceral environment of a live show.”

Silence At Sea
laura and g met ages ago and still know each other. sometimes they go the cinema and sometimes they make up songs. the first two songs we made up were in french and not very good but all the rest are all in english and better than the first two. (well said!)

Quintamity has become an outlet for the music from Ash Mcvoy feels is too personal to share with a band, although this hasn’t stopped him inviting members of Vito to join in the celebration of misery, for the purposes of recording and playing live. Musically, I start somewhere in the early 70’s with the folksier end of Led Zeppelin – minus the pompous virtuosity – and hope to end up somewhere near Doves or Kings of Convenience.

Oh and there’ll be some DJing afterwards, from Grace herself, including a chance to hear some of the other tracks written for Respond.

*** As always, early birds gets some wicked treats on the BE&F door.

Kicks off from 8pm

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