Fast becoming Bristol’s premier promoters of impeccable noise-based taste (last time it was the Dethscalator/Anton Maoivvi frenzy; also check out the humongous and soon to be previewed Drum Eyes/Max Tundra/Kladhest splurge on the 11th), ABSOFUCKINGEXACTLY further justify their capital letters with this doozy. Support your local drone and field recordings gigs, as our frontpage almost says, and since I, ahem, haven’t heard of any of these artists, I’m simply going to say: support titchy promoters with no money and big plans, check out bands burning on the margins and for God’s sake get a haircut while you’re at it.

ABSOFUCKINGEXACTLYpresents an evening of noise, drone and ambient soundscapes


THURS 9th DEC – The Croft (front bar). 7.30pm – 10.30pm

PURE (Berlin –1st UK show)

Formerly one half of legendary free party duo Isla Gold, since 1992 PURE has existed in the darker and heavier domains of the sonic universe. Creating hypnotic, soundtrack-like sound pieces using a mix of electroacoustic composition, sound synthesis, and live electronics.


Formed in 2002 after returning from All Tomorrows Parties, the Bath based trio with no formal musical knowledge quickly cut their teeth with a dual guitar/drum instrumental racket that resulted with one gig and one favourable review. This was more than the joinedbywire could have ever dreamt of.

After the tragic death of their guitarist Sara in 2007, the group consolidated into more noise/drone based territory and have been happily annoying neighbours and audiences in both duo and solo guises.

Joinedbywire is currently fronted by artist and musician Stephen Woolley.

On the back of his mesmerising debut album Maersk the music of Skoljbrot is a delicately crafted blend of radio broadcasts, piano, electronics and half-erased field recordings.


Processed live guitar, electronics, and drums

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