Buys You Chips

In their own words:

“From a city in which art and creativity amount to little more than tumbleweed, comes Buys You Chips (and shags you don’ I); a pigeon-encrusted, collaborative compendium of photography, biography, poetry and observation inspired by life in Newport. Available now from Diverse Music on Charles Street for less than the cost of a dirty burger and a bottle of pop.”

It has to be said, I’m quite cynical when it comes to zines, sometimes they’re made by people desperate to be cool.  This isn’t, it’s fucking great.  No reviews of some uber cool new band, no ranting, no rubbish, it has some great artwork and a down to earth, informed and funny view on the city that spawned it.  I’ve been slagging off Newport of late for the general apathy of the population but if we’re going to have to begin again from the ground up then this is a great place to start.

It’ll cost you 2 quid and is well worth it.  There is a Facebook group HERE if you’d like to comment or get in touch with ideas or contributions.  The actual content isn’t on there because frankly that would defeat the object of producing a beautiful little zine in the first place.

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