Location recording

New Science Bastard album in the making. We booked a remote cottage for seven days and proceeded to record the results.

Currently untitled, the 44 minute album runs seamlessly throughout.

The main room used for the drums

The drums sounded fantastic in this space. A huge jump away from our claustrophobic jam room. We ended up using the following microphones on the drum kit…

Kick [Shure 52a]
Snare top [Beyerdynamic M 201]
Snare bottom [Sennheiser e906]
Overheads [matched pair, AKG C414's]
Rack top [Sennheiser MD421]
Rack bottom [Shure sm57]
Floor top [Sennheiser MD421]
Floor bottom [Shure sm57]
Room 1 [SE Electronics sE4400a]
Room 2 [Cheap plate mic]
A dead(ish) sounding bedroom for the amp room gives good separation.
A side lounge made a great control room.

I’m now currently mixing it. A day at a time.

Updates to follow.