I never liked the name split in two. It mattered.

Frommars came from the ashes of Janiero. Myself alongside Bob and Dean. We remained a three piece for several years.

Others came and went…

  • Jonny Janiero [vocals/guitar] 2002-2008
  • Bob Taylor [bass/vocals] 2002-2008
  • Dean Poole [drums] 2002-2008
  • Matt Simon [vocals/guitar] 2005-2006
  • Vernon Tessio [keys] 2006-2007
  • Linus Fitness-Centre [guitar/vocals] 2007-2008

There were four recordings…

Discolour by numbers
[i]--- Lost investment to the sonic knife
[ii]-- Death in hawaii
[iii]- User preset
[iv]-- Twenty two
[v]--- I, you and the a
[vi]-- Punches
[vii]- Vito
[viii] Just after the bombs go off
[ix]-- 20th century road songs

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Self titled
[i]--- 1st may
[ii]-- More land to build houses on
[iii]- Fallout

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[i]--- Who is david david?
[ii]-- Hit
[iii]- Disingenuous lullaby
[iv]-- Shot 2 pieces
[v]--- Piffle
[vi]-- Angus cope
[vii]- Dysphoria
[viii] International hitwoman
[ix]-- (Fantastic boat on a sea of) piss
[x]--- The awakes are our mates
[xi]-- Perfect
[xii]- Both killer and the victim