On 31st March 2016, we put on Jeff Rosenstock. He noticed that we were putting on Modern Baseball 6 months later so gave us a £5 note to give them, telling them that they owed him this fiver. Miraculously, we didn’t lose it.

So on 1st September 2016, we duly handed the note over to MoBo. They found it hilarious and after the gig, gave us this to pass on to Dowsing!

Just over a month later, Erik from Dowsing was handed the chain fiver. Again, laughs were had with the band and touring buddies Ratboys. A quick look through our forthcoming gigs resulted in…

Yep, another £5 note. This is obviously becoming A Thing. We only had to hold onto this one for a fortnight until Into It. Over It rolled into town on 18th November. The chain of events was explained to Evan, laughs, fiver, sharpie. Who is the next five pound note for the attention of? Find out soon!