About Matt

Matt is originally from Cwmbran but has lived in Cardiff since 2002. He worked for WHSmith for seven and a half years, constantly replying to the appraisal question ‘Where do you see yourself in five years time?’ with ‘Working in a record shop. In 2007 he left to go work in a record shop. He now co-owns Diverse Music & Vinyl (the shop and it’s vinyl mailorder arm) plus its sister company, vinyl only record label, Diverse Records.

Along the way, he’s been part of monthly alt.country night Hot Burrito and slightly unhinged multi-genre regular night Joy, both in Newport and co-founded The Joy Collective website on the back of the latter. Along with a writer friend, he started the sporadic but bloody great Balloon music and literature night and DJed with a member of Los Campesinos! at Punks in the Beerlight, a regular indie/emo/country night where dancefloors were actively discouraged.

With Diverse, he collaborated with Tiny Rebel to produce their own Newport themed beer, Goldie Lookin Ale. He’s got an artist credit on a Sick Livers album for backing vocals, appeared in a Quiet Marauder music video, had a short story published on a horror blog, written a heartfelt article about the closure of Cardiff pubs for The Western Mail and is in the 10th anniversary Record Store Day promotional video.

He likes doing stuff.

Diverse opened in 1988, Matt joined in 2007.

Diverse Records is a vinyl only record label that has released albums by

Fuelled By Spite is the name Matt adopts when designing for people. It’s mostly posters but there are other bits and bobs too.

Balloon started in 2010 to launch co-founder Matthew David Scott’s second novel. It was a reaction to the usually boring events held in Waterstones with cheap wine and no atmosphere. Balloon held literary events in music venues and dragged along crowds more used to watching rock bands than spoken work poetry, small scale theatre and extracts from novels.