About FBJL

That’s them. Matt on the left, Connor on the right. There’s more info on what we get up to outside this promotion lark on the dropdown menu but this is the story of Fuelled By Jealous Lovers.

Connor and Matt have known one another for years. They’re not sure how many years. Maybe ten. They’re were both doing music related things during that time but more recently, Matt was putting on the odd gig and designing posters as Fuelled By Spite and Connor was promoting and running a label under the name Jealous Lovers Club. A shared love of Laura Stevenson’s music let to a co-promotion in 2015, it was relatively painless.

At the end of that year, Connor was getting offered bands that he knew Matt would be into, so he suggested more co-promotions. They went pretty well. Eventually, ‘Jealous Lovers Club & Fuelled By Spite present’ was too much hassle to write on posters so the two merged into the short and snappy little name we have today. They secretly wish they chose ‘Spite Club’.

They both do bits of everything but if you want a rough breakdown of workload, Connor is more likely to be the one sending offers to agents, dealing with contracts and being at the venue for load in. Matt designs the posters, takes photos and does the accounts. He’s most likely to be the Facebook voice while Connor has the Twitter log in. They use Whatsapp a lot and occasionally meet in Cardiff watering holes to discuss which artists to book.

This was written by one of them and he has no idea why he’s used the third person throughout.